capitol_webHere at Denver History Tours, we are excited to get you out and about, not just in Denver but beyond!

We offer walking tours, bus tours, presentations, class field trips, overnight camps and more.  If you want to get out and learn it, we’re interested in showing it to you.  Please click on the box above to check our your specific area of interest.

Tours are scheduled as requested, based on guide availability.  All dates and times are the same for us, as long as we have a guide!  So give us a call.

“We’ll see you out there!”

Walking Tours — Our walking tours are generally two hours long, costing $20 per person, with two being the minimum number necessary to run a tour.  We don’t keep a pre-set schedule for our walking tours, in general.  Please call to schedule one in advance!  If we have a guide available on the day you’d like to go, we’ll go!  All days and times are the same for us, if we have a guide.  We have a dozen different walking tours or so, and we’re always open for exploring some new areas, so let us know when you’d like to get out on foot and see the city!
Bus Tours — Our bus tours are not available to individuals.  You either need to have your own bus or rent one for the purpose of the tour for one of our bus tours to go.  These are step-on guided tours.  If you have your own bus or are willing to rent one for the tour, then we have more than a hundred different tours around Colorado, most in the Front Range.  Most tours are designed to be five hours long, with a break for lunch, but we are flexible.  We also tour out of state and all over the place, as long as it’s legal, so if you’d like to get out on wheels and see the world, please let us know!  All days and times are the same for us, if we have a guide available.
School Tours — With parents who were teachers, and many of us being former teachers ourselves, we feel it’s important to give back to the world of education.  Our school tours are dynamic and engaging, ranging anywhere from a one-hour walking tour to overnight events where the kids “camp” at the wondrous Grant-Humphreys Mansion.  General walking tours are $3 per student, with teachers and chaperons free.  The overnight camp costs more, of course, but it’s two days of fun that is entirely worth it.  If your students, whatever the age, are ready to get out and learn, we’re ready too!
Resources — There are so many things out there to do in the Denver metro area and beyond.  Will our list EVER be complete?  We wonder sometimes.  This listing of interesting and educational things to do within the area, many of which are free, will keep your days full of fun.  These resources are yours for the exploring, so get ready for some adventure.  Just check out the descriptions and links and you’re on your way.

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